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Thoroughbred Cleaning Services

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We are an independent Professional Domestic Cleaning Company, family run, taking a professional pride in our work.

Homecare Service - Charged at an hourly rate of: 9.50/Hr. This rate is fully inclusive of travelling expenses and all equipment and cleaning products costs. There are no hidden costs!

Housekeeper Service - Charges for this service are totally bespoke to your household's requirements and instructions. Charges are based on a weekly basis, which depends upon your requests per visit which you can inform us of using our 'Client Cleaning Schedule' form. This form gives you the flexibility of altering your needs per visit, and/or asking to repeat the same instructions given previously. (costs vary from 30/wk up to 50/wk).

Final Cleandown Service - This is a service offered to landlords and tenants. It involves a total cleandown of the property from top to bottom and is charged at a one-off fee, generally around 80/property, although each property is assessed before quoting a fixed price.
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Thoroughbred Cleaning Services
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